A series of events

Dot – I created a typography blog at University

Dot – I got bored of running a typography blog I made at University

Dot – James came on board and started helping running it saying I was wasting the blog I made at University

Dot – The increased activity resulted in us getting a cold call from a company that wanted to partner. They knew nothing about our location, who ran the site or what our intentions were. We were a 12 minute drive from their main office.

Dot – The partnership sounded amazing and we signed a contract.

Dot – After 6 months the partnership never took off and we ended up back exactly where we started.

Wow. Great story Ben. Thanks for sharing. A real tale of the times.

Failure is a bit of a weird one for me. I hate it. So when things don’t work out, I am trying to analyse the whys and find the positives that happened during that time. And since I’ve recently moved house and I don’t often sleep well in different environments, I’ve plenty of time for analysing.

The typography blog was always a bit of a weird one for me. I didn’t want it to define my work mainly because it wasn’t my work. It is a platform for championing other peoples. I had thought about selling it a couple of years prior when I was offered a cool sounding $12,000 to a Forbes under 30 entrepreneur who wanted to utilise it to sell dodgy t-shirts.

I often regret turning him down, but the more other people wanted it, the more I wanted to keep it.

After a few years of random posting, James who saw the project start from concept to inception approached me saying he’d love to have a go at running it, more of a learning curve than anything else. So I of course agreed. The burden had been lifted. Straight away the love started coming back. We were helping people be recognized, we were helping people get work and most importantly we were helping people stay creative.

The day we had our first meeting with the partner I was absolutely on top of the world. We had been looking for a partner half-heartedly for ages. James had been on board for all of 5 minutes, and one based 12 minutes away, with a proven record had come to us! What are the chances in that?! The profits of the project would be completely passive, all we would have to do is set up the artwork and watch the money roll in.

We were already deciding where we were going to reinvest our profits.

And now this is where my main positive appeared. My girlfriend and I had been talking about one last travelling trip before we started building up our dream house.

My girlfriend had come back from work and said she wanted to hand her notic

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” – Steve Jobs