The me behind the website

I love websites. I find them fascinating. When we have a client come to us and say they want a website, the first question I always ask is why. It’s shocking how many people have never stopped to think about this. My son told me it’ll get me more business is a general response.

I always thought my love of websites stemmed from the look and the feel. But the more I stop and study it, it’s more about the journey that the user finds themselves taking. How do you feel when you enter? Do you feel at ease or is this a chore to look at and navigate your way around the seemingly endless amount of content and adverts?

When making this discovery mid-way through this year, in the depth of the pandemic, I also made a conscious decision that I wanted to start writing more. I’ve decided that this blog is the place for it to happen.

I’ve known for a while I want to take on another project and I have around 3 in the pipeline ready to develop.

But there is a problem. There is always a problem. And this one is a little voice inside my head which keeps questioning why I am taking the next product forward.

I’ve never been a particularly money motivated person, yet all my side hustles centre around a financial gain. It’s just not very on brand.

So I’ve taken a step back, questioned my whys, and decided the next project I am going to take on is writing. Do I have a target, no. Do I have an end goal, no. Do I have a reason, absolutely not.

Who will read them? I’m not overly fussed to be honest. And thats the best thing about this project. I am only doing it for me. I can only let myself down and I can only overachieve. Nice one Ben.

Where I share these blogs will differ on the content I suppose. Personal ones I may not share at all. Short stories and case studies I may share on Twitter to my impressive 223 followers, amassed over 9 years of hard graft. Work content will be posted on Linkedin.

This particular post is just to make the blog not look too sad when I start posting other things, so if you’ve found this… well done you… you creep.