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Ben Gilchrist

Creative Consultant

Aqualisa Print

Working with Aqualisa since December 2017, I have created a lot of marketing collateral for events, packaging and how to guides.

Telegraph Commerce

The Telegraph invited me to refresh their supplement and advert templates on a 6 month project to ensure consistency across the brand. A/B testing designs in order to receive buy-in from investors…

Telegraph Partner Events

Working on Event branding for the Telegraph, I branded some of London’s finest meeting places. This meant creating large, often vector-based, graphics in order to add the Telegraph stamp of approval to…

McLaren Foundation

The McLaren team is hugely proud of its reputation for helping to develop the careers of young racing drivers. McLaren Group has been heavily involved in the foundation, funding and running of…

BRIT Insurance

Brit is an international general insurance and reinsurance group specialising in commercial insurance. Its acquisation in May 2015 meant a new fleet of premium products aiming towards a high-end market. The brief…